Inspiration | August 31st, 2015

Hello, friends! After a crazy busy summer, I am pleased to say I'm back to GARB business! A brief life update - I landed a job with the most AMAZING local environmental company and get to travel quite a bit throughout the state. It's seriously my dream job. Currently, I'm working on gaining my professional geologist license in the state of South Carolina (it takes 5 years of relevant field experience, continuing ed and a couple of exams... obviously, I must REALLY love this science!) I could not be happier with what all the future has in store, and I'm so pumped to be fulfilling my dream in my favorite place on Earth.

I ran across the below image in a moment of relaxation and I felt I had to share (via PInterest.) This pic highlights a ton of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews from Sound of Music.) Natural tones, hot tea (or coffee, just give me caffeine!), worn in jeans, a sweet marble laptop cover and.... chevron.

Yes, I said it, chevron. Now I know what you're thinking - chevron had a major moment a few years ago in bold, slightly over-the-top hues. It became overdone and frankly, kind of obnoxious. But, chevron will forever be one of my favorite patterns, and the pic below this will show you why. 

Raplee Ridge in Utah. Talk about some serious Fall color inspiration!