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An old take on new accessories.

We're talking really, really old. All of our original patterned pieces are designed from sediment samples or thin sections of rock. Geologic textiles take your style from hike to high class, quite literally. 

Wear your science - rock GARB.

Rocks aren't just for jocks.

GARB (Geologic Attention to Rock Beauty) began as an idea to a geology student in mineralogy class. Montgomery’s professors picked on her because she found great delight in using a compound microscope, not simply to complete lab assignments, but to marvel at rock samples. Between college classes and intensive research, the idea of creating anything with these images did not become a reality until after her undergraduate degree. As a post-grad, she took a chance and started designing fabrics based on microscopic images. What began as a hobby quickly turned into a handmade accessories line, featuring designs she has curated from hundreds of rock samples. 


The most unique piece at the party.

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"Though these accessories are gorgeous in appearance alone, their beauty takes on extra meaning when one can interpret the pattern, understanding how a rock’s visual appearance gives clues about its geologic history and how it has changed over the centuries."

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